In 2005, we held our very first "Haunted Chili Cookoff!" as a part of the Haunted Hayrides in Brownsburg's Arbuckle Acres Park.  We didn't know what to expect, but we hoped for a day of great food, good team cooking and a tasty finish to the day for area chili chompers.  Since that time the event has been a great success each year.  And, the tradition continues!

Entrants are not only judged on their on-site cooked chili, but also on how well they decorate their booths and their teams.  Independent Judges award prizes for the Best Traditional Chili, Best Non-Traditional Chili along with Best Decorated Booth.  We also typically feature a People's Choice Award.

The Haunted Chili Cookoff became another very special event during the Haunted Hayrides and certainly an autumn tradition in Brownsburg.

If you would like to participate in the annual Haunted Chili Cookoff, visit the website for the Brownsburg Park & Recreation Department.  They include the Haunted Chili Cookoff as part of their annual Family Fall Festival in Arbuckle Park!
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(PAST PHOTOS!  Click any photo to enlarge)
Guests paid $5.00 each to come in and sample all the delicious chili recipes.  There were prizes for Best Traditional Chili and Best Non-traditional Chili.  Yes, it was a full tent!  2009 was the biggest Haunted Chili Cookoff ever!This event couldn't happen without the help of Phyllis and her crew from the Haunts Concession Stand.  Thank you Boo Crew!!David & Holly Gastineau (3rd place Contemporary winners).Lea Ellingwood (left) and Dad (right) Jim Ellingwood.Scott Evans (left) from MyINDY-TV - Chili Cook-off Judge.  Terri Stacey (right) from WIBC - Chili Cook-off Judge.
Shantel and Joe Silnes (3rd place Alternative winner).Kim Burris & Kelly Whitlow of Roche Diagnostics.Ryan Zore & Mark Michael of Roche Diagnostics.Lynae Coons & Barry Schneider of Steel Dynamic's (2nd place
Contemporary winners with Jill Robinson).Karen & Steve Patterson (2nd place Alternative winners).Rick McClain & wife Vicki (daughter Megan sitting in chair in
background).Each Chili Chomper gets a cup of each team's chili to try.  Numbers are on the cups and after all are tasted, they vote for the "People's Choice."Tierney Dininger & Terry Kegris.Terry Ballard (in costume) and Shannon Harvey.James Lewis & Criss Duvall.Danny & Krissy Lewis.Stephanie Suiter (in costume) and daughter Ashley.Eric Olsen & Chris Ambrose (#88) (1st place Alternative winners).Leslie Swank, Lynae Coons & Barry Schneider of Steel Dynamic's (People's Choice winner).  There was also a prize for the best decorated booth which they won too!  In this booth, they actually created a Haunted House where you went inside to be served!Brent Burris and Duwayne Phillips dicussing, well, CHILI no doubt!  Brent ran the Cookoff this year and Duwayne was the founder of the Haunted Chili Cookoff in 2004.
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