There are many pictures of the Haunts of Hidden River Haunted Hayrides that we have gathered over the years.  Some spooky, some funny, some just interesting...

We spend a lot of time trying to come up with new ways to promote the Haunts.  In 2003 we even placed a billboard on interstate 74!  That got a lot of attention.  Several Haunts volunteers went to Chicago to a haunted convention to learn more about putting on a successful event and making it even more creepy!
Do you have Photos from the Haunts you'd like to share?  Please send them to the Webmaster and we will post them here!
Scott meets Spiderman at Haunted Attraction Show - Chicago
Our BIG billboard on I-74 got some attention!
All the tractors and wagons lined up waiting for hayriders!
Getting ready for a season of Haunted Hayriding!
Yep, that's Larry riding a Chicken!